Open parking lots    

  The Manshiya Parking Garage - Tel Aviv Located in South Tel Aviv, close to the promenade. Planned for a park-and-ride area and combines approximately 800 private car parking spaces, stopping lanes for public transportation, and a special area for short distance shuttles from the parking garage to the Tel Aviv business district.
  The "BIG" Parking Garage at Beit Shemesh
An open parking lot, serving a commercial center on a total area of 10,000 square meters at the entrance to the city of Beit Shemesh. The project provided for about 450 private car parking spaces, a separate loading and unloading zone for trucks. In the future, the area will include an 8-story office building.

  The "BIG" Parking Garage at Beit Shemesh
  Tnuva Distribution Center - Petah Tiqva
The main distribution center of the Tnuva Company for milk products. Located in the northern industrial zone of Petah Tiqva. The area occupied by the warehouses is estimated at about 12,000 square meters.
The distribution center compound includes about 140 parking and loading/unloading spaces for distribution trucks and about 130 parking spaces for private cars in an underground parking lot.
  Giv'at Hakfirim Parking Garage - Ramat Aviv
A parking garage in the heart of a residential area, close to the local school in North Tel Aviv. The project provided for about 210 parking spaces.
The planning includes regulation of an approach intersection to the parking garage and solutions for improvement of pedestrian safety within the parking garage and in its surroundings.
  The Medical Parking Garage - Tel Aviv University
The parking project for the Medical School at Tel Aviv University, provided for approximately 180 parking spaces.
  The Buckspan Parking Garage - Tel Aviv
The parking garage is located in North Tel Aviv.
The project provided for approximately 80 parking spaces.